DSC_0058 copy copy

            fresh-faced, small weavers

fashion floral tiaras,

and pleasure grasps each

aspiring, curly-haired  child

cloistered in a straight-haired world.

4 thoughts on “Creativity

    1. Thanks, Bigi. The poem is my first attempt at tanka, an ancient, Japanese verse form. The pics are photos I took some time ago reworked with Photoshop filters.


    2. This is very interesting because when I first read your poem it in some way reminded me of a haiku. Since it did not have the required haiku form I didn’t mention it. At least I had the right geographical area!!!


      1. It does remind one of haiku. I actually started with that form then did some research and found tanka, which is 5 lines with specific syllable numbers for each line. It took a long time to figure it out and I’m not even sure I’ve actually written one. But it was fun trying.


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