Free Expression



                  Free Expression

DSC_2465To satirize, or not to satirize: that is the question:

Whether ’tis noblest in the mind

to proffer opinions unto vexation’s peak,

to sketch sentiments conforming to a menacing decree,


to splinter our pencils and sprinkle unenlightened charcoal atop unreflective, withering leaves—

Who decides?

(What would Shakespeare do?)


2 thoughts on “Free Expression

  1. Once again — the voice of reason! This is a tough call — free speech vs. shouting fire in a theatre — satire vs. purposely attacking someone’s most treasured beliefs. Maybe a little of both??
    (((hugs))) to you and Shakespear!


    1. It’s definitely a tough call, Bigi. And I don’t defend prejudicial attacks on someone’s personal beliefs. I do think that writers and other media creators have choices. And so do their audiences. How do we weigh free expression against its consequences? What is the purpose of the material? What is its creator attempting to express? What reactions will be provoked? Satire, by its nature, seeks reaction. And what of the audience observing the material? They are entitled to respond emotionally and intellectually. They are entitled to act or to ignore. They are not entitled to kill the satirist.


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