Always Room for Improvement

Nikon camera and Sunpak Tripod taken with iPhone 5 by Joann Pensabene

Nikon camera and Sunpak Tripod taken with iPhone 5 by Joann Pensabene

Photography class at the Adirondack Folk School in Lake Luzerne tomorrow. And yes, I’m excited.

I’ve spent the past couple of months updating my photography equipment, reading the camera manual, and clicking practice shots here and there. Most in the auto focus mode.

I’m an amateur photographer and I hope to improve my skills. Nature is my subject. Tomorrow I’ll learn how best to apply camera to the outdoors and take photos that I’ll really be able to write about.

So, here’s my formulaic goal:

Writing + Photos + Positive Creative Energy = Quality Blog Posts

(at least as compared to what they’ve been since I started.)

Hey, I used to take x-rays for a living. I can do this.


4 thoughts on “Always Room for Improvement

  1. Right! The Adirondack Folk School looks like a great place to learn and to get to know like minded folks! Since your current blog of writing, photos and positive creative energy is already producing quality posts, you will bring a lot to the experience. Enjoy!


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