Adirondack Elephant

On Rt 9

The above picture was scanned from a print.
The original photo was taken by Joann Pensabene in April, 2008.

I drove past this spot on Route 9 hundreds of times and never saw anything other than green shrubs and gray rock formations. Of course, I never actually looked for anything more than that. Especially while driving. The 40 mph road is narrow. It winds and climbs and parallels Lake George in northern New York. And except for a scenic overview here and there along the way there’s no safe place to stop and examine specific geographical configurations.

Yet someone did just that and shared this unique perception.

How and when the outline was made is a mystery as is who did the work. The whitewash was not permanent. The sketch disappeared when the rain washed the paint away. The elephant reappeared one more time that I’m aware of, years after I took the above picture.

So, how can one interpret this modern, human-geological interaction?




You decide.

2 thoughts on “Adirondack Elephant

  1. You have so many wonderful pictures that you have taken over the years! This is so creative for someone to have perceived and drawn the elephant and really brings a smile to my face. I think it is very clever!


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