Change happens. Sometimes by necessity, sometimes by choice,  always filled with unique challenges and outcomes. Nothing remains static and change, often compelling, can be enhanced by the circumstances in which it occurs.

A few years ago I gave myself kudos for a life well-lived and for achieving a positive self image as I edged closer to entering a new era of personhood. Comfortable as I was with myself, however, the approaching of my 60 year mark felt overwhelming. I wanted to acclimate with a quiet birthday and agreed to a small dinner at a quiet restaurant with a few close family members. My husband and daughter had another plan. And I experienced its jolt when they pushed me into a room filled with people yelling, “Surprise,” in front of a banner that screamed, “Happy 60th Birthday.”

After the emotional shockwave settled, my attention turned to the layout of photos set around the room. There I was, my life in stills, all baby-faced smiles, scowls, and stances. Memories flowed as I shared the stories behind those snapshots. Suddenly those life transitions frozen across decades awakened and I became animated, excited about sharing myself and my birthday with these people who loved and supported me through many passing phases and solid commitments. My uneasiness about elderhood disappeared. I felt encouraged, energetic, and hopeful. A new door opened and I was eager to explore what lay ahead. So over the threshold I stepped.

[This is my first post. I started this blog with only one objective—to blog once a week. I have no specific theme to advance at present. This project represents yet another change in my life, another area to explore. What do you think about change? Let me know. Leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.]

4 thoughts on “Change

  1. I like the topic, and I like the pretty background you’ve chosen for your blog- very uplifting. I look forward to future posts!


  2. Congratulations on your new blog. Especially love the topic as we shared your joy at your 60th birthday celebration. Looking forward to many more birthdays and blogs!


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