The Hiker

DSC_0344The hiker climbs a mountain and explores forests thick with unknowns.

Her senses sift through myriad notions.

She brushes against thriving sages of centuries past,

inhales their pine scent, absorbs the strength inherent in knotted bark,

and she’s encouraged.DSC_0400She moves through damp, shady inner woods,

climbs over stripped impressions, weathered limbs, and rotting leaves–

the decay atop nature’s compost long ago felled by weak ideas.

DSC_0395She scrutinizes muck for a hint of green or fibrous thread–

any viable root she can claim as her own,

She wraps an inkling in warm thoughts and sets it inside a sensitive pouch.

Her soft words soothe it. Her tenacity infuses confidence,

and she continues her trek up the high peak.

2Mt Equinox

At summit’s edge she witnesses endless possibilities

Stratified hues and layered perspectives flow to the horizon

and the wind frees her from stale, worn-out conceptions.

2Lake Placid

The hiker shapes her parcel’s substance

and her mind’s eye spins its tale.



Photos 1 & 4: Views from Equinox Mountain summit, Green Mountains, VT

Photo 2:  A view from the woods around Lake Luzerne, NY

Photo 3: A view from the woods around Tupper Lake, NY

Photo 5: View from Whteface Mountain summit, Lake Placid, NY

All photos were taken with a Nikon 7100 camera with a Nikkor VR 18-105mm/ 3.5-5.6G lens by Joann Pensabene




4 thoughts on “The Hiker

  1. Thanks so much Jo for the breathtakingly beautiful photos and poetry that goes along with them. I honestly thought that the photos were “professional” photos and had to read your credits at the bottom to realize you took them all. It is such a pleasure to enjoy your growth and progress as you fulfill your dreams of marrying photography and poetry. With this offering you have done yourself proud! (I especially love your poetry. Just when it seems quite linear, you throw in a curve that makes me think!)


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