ReSourceful Seeds

Evening sky3

It’s quintessence, all aglow,

its motif, with ardor shared

in dreams and hope and spirit,

it suffers souls to care.

It’s a source from which a breeze

    breathes some fragile, fertile seeds

protects them in their furrow

fulfills their inner needs.

IMGP2552 (1)

This source which warms in winter

flows ‘neath frozen ground;  below

              it soothes seeds that would despair,

              cold, suppressed, they dare not grow.

Thus source with will pervasive,

calms, consoles such shiv’ring grains

 with subtle, soft persuasion



“Seeds shall germ and reign:

To savor sun in springtime

and to sate the senses of

the hearts so starved for substance—

the hungry and unloved.”


And chilled seeds

(oft, hard convinced

that this source could guide them through

the doubt that clouds reliance on faith)

in courage, aspire anew:


Blind, struggling slowly upward,

they will break the ground, not fall.

In time they’ll change the season

and rise with the source that calls.

(photos courtesy of Joann Pensabene)

4 thoughts on “ReSourceful Seeds

  1. So much vitality in this poem Joann, and the photographs add a lot of depth. You inspire me to think about adding images to my own poems.


  2. I’ve been experimenting with different forms of word and photo imagery lately. I’ve always liked this poem but it’s one of those that I could never really find a home for. This morning I got up at four and rummaged through old pics just to see if I had anything that fit the words or the concept. And this is what happened. I’m so glad you like it, Sarah.


  3. words fail me — this is such a special poem. There is so much depth to this poem that I am still re-reading it and each time I get more pleasure and insight. When I came upon “the hungry and unloved” I actually shivered. I had never read your poetry before this (and the previous offering) and I am blown away. You truly have a gift and I thank you so much for sharing these poems that you could never really find a home for — their home is in this blog and in our hearts. Hopefully, some day they will be published so that others can enjoy them as well.


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