Blogosphere: A Metaphor

Picture 250

Olive tree
Photo taken by Joann Pensabene in Palestine, April, 2011

Once a formless rogue in the realm of letters,

she found champions who set her in sunlight and cheered her to genre.

She rises, now, from a universal center

where intertwining roots live deep within exuberant, techno-cultural networks.

Free-flowing ideas sustain her.

Cultivated branches span time and space

as she embraces myriad premises.

Perspectives seed her soil.

Her content lives in her leaves,

and human consciousness sculpts her context.

6 thoughts on “Blogosphere: A Metaphor

  1. Love your poetry Jo! Very cleverly happily uplifting!!!!! Hope you have more poetry offerings in the future.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Bigi. The metaphor arose from my blogging class (which was great, by the way.) And I thought the olive tree and the words were a really good fit–all those roots and that super-thick trunk. So glad I was able to use them together. So far,the blog has been a reflection of whatever seems to happen in my thoughts from week to week. But there may be more poems in the future.


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