Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

She appeared just after Hurricane Irene blew down three trees

that had sheltered her for countless years.

Melded to a birch tree, she’s a goddess in the rough,

an unrefined beauty, alive and uncultivated.

Her eyes and mouth are mushrooms filled with layers of dirt, dust,

and other hardened, natural deposits.

Her nose is a broken tree branch pointing ever skyward.

And she watches over my home in the Adirondack State Park

in upstate New York.Mother Nature

2 thoughts on “Mother Nature

    1. Sometimes I just love to go out back and look at her. I think, what a marvel. Nature is far from perfect but sometimes something happens that reminds you of just how remarkable she really is. I really love living up here. It’s an ongoing spiritual experience in so many wonderful ways.


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